CryptoKittydex was created at the dawn of the KittyVerse to help players unlock the mysteries of the CryptoKitties genome. Since then, CryptoKitties gameplay has evolved, and many great tools have emerged that better meet the needs of the modern-day CryptoKitties geneticist.

Thus, the time has come for CryptoKittydex to retire to the Great Kitty Farm in the Cloud. We had fun building it, and hope you liked using it.

If you’re new here, dive into the KittyVerse with a couple of our other projects:

  • Niftytown – live auctions of CryptoKitties and other cryptogoods
  • KittyRace – a smart contract CryptoKitty racing game

If you’re looking for something like CryptoKittydex, here are some great projects we’ve seen:

Tools for CryptoKitties players
  • CK Box
  • KittyHelper
  • KittyCalc
  • Kitty.fyi
Tools for CryptoKitties scientists
  • Programming Crypto Collectibles Step-by-Step Book
  • Official CryptoKitties API
  • Cheshire

Keep blockchain weird,
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